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MyTopGrade After-School Lessons is Proven To Improve Your child’s Grades, An Educational Innovation that gets results. is professionally tailored for JSS1 TO SSS3. 10 Subjects,over 200 topics per subject,2,000 hours of video lessons per subject Play,Pause,Rewind. Designed For Better Results Better Future.

Learn smarter not harder

We know time is important and your child is busy. Our videos are short and to the point. Each of our lessons focus on a single concept or example. MyTopGrade provides direct access to the knowledge and skills needed to succeed. Our Solution is designed to help your child to succeed.

The key objective of is to help in improving the learning outcomes of all Nigerian students regardless of their socio-economic background or geographic location.

Complete study coverage

Our video lessons provide a step-by-step walk through on a wide range of topics with example problems and solutions. Our video lessons help students leapfrog way ahead of most standard math and science curricula with our shared responsibility to improve student learning outcomes.

More than just video lessons

We offer practice questions to measure and reinforce your child’s understanding which in-turn change passive learning into an active learning. teaches students how to solve the kinds of problems they haven’t seen before.

Our materials will help enthusiastic math and science students prepare for —and win! in their secondary school levels, then go on to succeed at the most prestigious colleges and universities around the world.

Stay informed !!

Our lessons and subjects are thought by professionals, passionate educators and teachers in various academic disciplines. helps you save money, save time and enable your child to grow in math, science and other important modern professionals they need to live a better live.

Help for the whole family

MytopGrade provide affordable and accessible, online video lessons for all ages from JSS1-SSS3. Benefit from additional savings if you have multiple children who need help.

The 24-hours personal tutor

With MyTopGrade.Com, you are giving your child access to their own personal tutor at home day and night.Our App is accessible 24hrs and all lessons and courses subscribed are available anytime,any day.

Keep your child focused

At Mytopgrade, we’re passionate about helping students take charge of their your own learning so that they can go on and succeed in their chosen careers. To do this we have developed integrated online and workbook resources that enable you to master the material.

MyTopGrade - the most customizable and professional platform for building your study.

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